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Status Images provides the absolute highest quality images to showcase any home, or business in it's very best light. Professional photography is an essential part of marketing in today's competitive environment.
The images are the first impression, the handshake as it were to introducing your listing to potential buyers. The images are what can persuade potential buyers to make the click on a listing or bypass to another that looks more appealing. Professional images of the highest standard will also directly influence potential buyers to take the next step and arrange an inspection.

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Here is a fantastic option to add to any daylight shoot. If budget is of concern getting us back for a full twilight shoot, but a twilight image would really set a home off, then have us make a single twilight image as the hero shot of your listing to really stand out. Make that the one shot to jump off the page in your advertising packages and as the lead thumbnail image on all advertising websites. Twilight images are what grabs attention and has people clicking on YOUR listing. This is a cheaper alternative to getting us back for a second visit and all photos can be shot in the day. It also saves your customer needing to be home again in the early evening, they don't need to tidy up after the kids have arrived home from school and most of all it will generate more interest in any property.

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This is the perfect solution to homes that aren't able to be presented at their best. We can digitally remove anything from a few small items to emptying an entire room, or moving vehicles from the front of any home. 

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An empty home always looks less inviting than a stylishly staged home with furnishings. Hiring professional stylists to come in and stage and furnish a home can literally cost thousands. So help save your clients some money and get us to lift the presence of your listing with some virtual furniture.
Virtual furniture is a service that will never fail to impress your clients and keep YOU ahead of the rest.

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Gain a little perspective with our free pole photography service with any photo shoot ordered.Great for adding a little elevation to homes with difficult frontages to shoot ...... or to the rear of the property for that matter.

We don't carry our pole with us on a daily basis, so please inform us at least 24 hours prior to the shoot if you require this service.

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Make the most of homes on hills and inclines and show the breadth of an acreage. Our pole goes up to 12 meters and is great for getting over the top of many dwellings and showing off properties with a lot of land. Get that birds eye view with a pole shot from Status Images.

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Close up pics of special features of the home to ‘class up’ your listing. Perfect for holiday let homes and apartments especially.

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Have you ever viewed photographs of a property for sale on the internet and wondered what size and shape are the rooms? What is through that doorway in the lounge? What about the general layout of the property? Where is the bathroom in relation to the bedrooms? 

If you are interested in a property that is overseas, interstate or just out of your area, then you will know just how valuable a floor plan is in enabling you to visualise the room layout, and how your own furniture and effects might fit in.

Whether selling or letting, offering potentially interested parties a Floor Plan of your property is a proven winner, as they are being requested more and more by discerning buyers, investors and tenants and are now considered a vital and essential marketing tool here in Australia as well as world-wide, especially for interstate and overseas buyers.


Professional full screen slideshow tour of all images to music. This includes focus being shifted to key areas of each image to maximise the impact for your listing. Text of your choice can also be added.


Everyone is on the internet these days and researching using not only computers but mobile phones and tablets. What better way to show potential buyers a listing quickly and efficiently than with a video. Not only are buyers more likely to return to your site again and again, they are also more inclined to purchase from you, this is a unique way to brand yourself and stand above the competition

Videos are a great way to really show the layout of the home and give a real sense and appreciation for the feel of the home.

Since 2009, video traffic from mobile devices has increased 5000%. Every day, YouTube receives 4 billion video views, and the site has predicted that this year (2013), 90% of web traffic will be video.

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