Sellers Tips


Make sure all lights are working and on, including lamps and range hoods
Remove excess clutter
Tidy away children's toys Fresh flowers, fruit bowls, and nice ornaments are always welcomed and encouraged


Remove any magazines and books
Get rid of any excess clutter
Put away remote controls


Remove any excess whiteware that isn't essential. Jugs coffee machines etc are ok
Put away all hand towels, t-towels and oven mit's
Clear all benches of excess clutter and personal items
Remove any bins
Clear away dishes, dish racks, and cleaning agents
Clean any silverware such as taps so they shine and are free of fingerprints


Remove all magnets and childrens drawings etc from fridge
Remove any items protruding from under the beds
Tidy children's toys and put away any excess
Remove tissue boxes
Remove any clothing and shoes
Put away magazines and books
Make sure bulbs in bedside lamps are working
Put out your best linen
Remove or hide any exercise equipment when possible


Remove all shampoos, conditioners, soaps and cleaning agents
Put away bathroom scales
Place best towels and linen out
Remove toothbrushes and razors etc
Shine all taps
Clean all glass and mirrors
Remove all bath mats
Toilet seats down


Remove any hoses, toys, bikes, brooms, gardening tools
Weed gardens and mow lawns
Put away wheelie bins
Park cars on the road, but not in front of the house
Remove pool cleaner/vacuum
Make sure pool is clean and free of leaves and bracken
Remove washing from lines

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